Healthy Habits

Habits, we all have them, good & bad. We all hope that our good habits outweigh the bad as this may lead to a happier and more successful life. One question we may ask ourselves continuously could be, 'How do I create a good habit?' Whether it be waking up earlier, starting a fitness routine or eating healthier, these are all habits that may seem hard to start but rewarding in the end. How do we start a good habit?

From the research that we've gathered. we understand that the human mind subconsciously looks for the easier solution to get to the outcome/reward, in most cases the easiest solution equals the quickest way to be satisfied. This is how most bad habits are formed, for a smoker when they feel stressed, the easiest solution they know of is to smoke which gives them instant satisfying reward of relief and relaxation. For someone who wants to eat healthier, when they're hungry, a quick & satisfying reward would be to order a hamburger instead having, what they may see as a less-satisfying reward, a salad.

From what we can tell most bad habits give off immediate reward and satisfaction but the future may not be as glorified, whereas good habits, when started won't feel the most rewarding or satisfying but the bigger reward comes in the future. For example, when someone wants get fitter, at the start, the first run won't seem rewarding, more of a displeasure but as you continue this good habit, you'll feel rewarded by the way you look in the mirror and how the scales look when you step on them.