Accelerate your recovery as well as your athletic performance with Alpha Edge Sports' compression tights.

Our tights are designed to keep your muscles warm, help you prevent strain and fatigue and reduce muscle damage.

AES' compression tights add pressure to the abductor, gluts, quads, hamstring, and calf muscles to promote blood flow and improve oxygenation of muscle tissue, which can enhance athletic performance during exercise.

Take your performance and recovery to a whole new level.


Gradient compression.

Gradient compression placing pressure on areas of your leg helping dispense lactic acid build up, allowing you to recover quicker.

Dry-fit fabric.

Drawing sweat from the body, reducing the chance of chaff.


Our product remains non-translucent at all times, meaning it won't show-through.

Cushioned waistband.

Train more comfortable for longer as our leggings have a cushioned waistband providing comfort at all times.

Hidden key pocket.

To store your keys or money while you focus on exercising.

Body forming.

The 8 point stretch fabric texture makes the tights to wrap your legs like a second skin.

220 GSM.

A high standard of fabric is used to make our compression tights. The thicker the fabric, the longer it lasts!

Image by Jade Stephens

Please allow 2 weeks for production time.